G-Sapphire P series Ozone Generator



Air-cooled, double-quartz, plug-and-play ready ozone generator






         G-P20 ~ G-P40





High efficiency and stable ozone production

Low energy consumption

Computer interfacing

Flow rate adjustable

Ozone production adjustable

Remote control capability

Plug-and-play ready

CE certified







Drinking water disinfection

Swimming pool and SPA

Food processing

Medical application

Ozonated water for washing agriculture products

Aquaculture and aquarium water treatment

Advanced oxidation



PC computer

Mixer-pump system

Ozone monitor (Ozone concentration indicator)




What is G-Sapphire P series ozone generator?



G-Sapphire P series is an air-cooled, modular ozone generator, with built-in oxygen concentrator for feed gas. With oxygen concentrator, ozone generation tubes, cooling system and microprocessor controlled power supply, the ozone generator is in very compact. Each module contains at least one ozone generation tube. Ozone is formed between the surfaces of  quartz tubes so that no metallic oxidization contamination can occur. With our special design double quartz tubes, the ozone generator can be continuously operated for long periods at ultra high electricity frequency, in order to provide high efficiency and stable ozone production with low energy consumption. 





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