Ozonated Water Ultra Clean System


              ■ No metallic contamination

              ■ High dissolving ozone concentration

              ■ Stable ozone production






Benefit for using ozone



Ozone is a high oxidant and will decompose into oxygen within minutes leaving no residuals that provides an ultra clean method to eliminate chemicals. With those unique features, ozone is used in applications such as disinfection, surface clean and removing photo-resistant on wafer.




  Key features of the Ozonated Water Ultra Clean System (OWUCS):



Unique coating on double-quartz ozone generation tubes

Pure oxygen feed-gas prevent (NO)x formation

High efficiency on-line ozone injector

PLC operation interface with keypad

Remote control capability

Alarm and error indicator 

Parameter setting







Ozonated Water Ultra Clean System (OWUCS) consists of generating ozone and dissolving ozone. The required capacity of ozone depends on the desired output of ozonated water, quality of input water and resultant pH. In some cases, carbon dioxide (CO2) or nitrogen (N2) has to be added to adjust pH. When OWUSC can continuously provide ozonated water with flow rate of 40 l/min at dissolved ozone concentration 32 ppm. However, the higher dissolved ozone concentration outputs the lower ozonated water flow rate is. The maximum dissolved ozone concentration is up to 130 ppm at flow rate of 5 l/min, which is mainly for the purpose of wafer cleaning. The output of the flow rate in accordance with ozone generation is upon request.





  Principle and functions


The cleanness of ozone

AirTree double-quartz ozone generator is employed to supply high concentration gaseous ozone for dissolving into water. The ozone is formed between the surfaces of two sealed quartz tubes to be free from metallic oxidization. In addition, the ozone generator with double quartz tubes design can take pure oxygen as the feed gas to prevent (NO)x formation.


The water ozonation

The ozone is injected into the stream of water by an on-line vacuum suction injector of AirTree, which are a coaxial mixer in cooperation with a liquid-gas pressurized separator. Ozone is on-line injected into the mixer to mix with the water. The coaxial mixer is utilized to create a negative pressure in the suction process. This in turn results in the volume of gas being shrunken by the water pressure. The volume shrunken of the bubble increases the total contacting surface resulting in highly homogenous mix, efficiency dissolution. The water that containing gaseous ozone confined by a structured pipe inside the separator flows to the top of the separator to release the gas. A positive pressure, therefore, is built up to help to increase the dissolving rate. An automatic gas release valve is utilized to maintain the pressure at the desired value and to remove the un-dissolved gas.





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