G-Sapphire T series ozone generator


   Water-cooled ozone generator with ozone production from 275 to 2,560 g/h






What is G-Sapphire T series ozone generator?


G-Sapphire T series is modules-assembled ozone generator in a complete enclosed cabinet for harsh environmental conditions (protection class IP54). The ozone production is the sum of modules.  Each module is composed of ozone generation tubes with double quartz surface design and individual power supply system.  The ozone is formed between two quartz surfaces to be free from metallic oxidization problems. The ozone concentration ranges form 6 to 10% by weight depending on the oxygen flow rate and power. The ozone generators are water-cooled and use oxygen as feed gas. The cooling water could be normal water at room temperature with optional chillers. The ozone intensity and the oxygen flow rate could be controlled by Human Machine Interface (HMI) with Programmable Logical Controller (PLC). Therefore, this series gives large flexibility on ozone production and oxygen demand.




















Unique coating on double-quartz ozone generation tubes


Human Machine Interface (HMI)


Programmable Logical Controller (PLC)


Remote control capability


Ozone output adjustable and display


Gas pressure display


Water temperature display


Alarm value setting


Ozone concentration detector and display (option)








Drinking water


Advanced oxidation


Waste water treatment


Aquaculture and aquarium water treatment


Swimming pool


Ozone laundry system


Cooling tower water treatment













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