D-Matrix TW series Ozone Generator

                                          No metallic contamination

                                                  High ozone concentration

                                                          Stable ozone production   




What is D-Matrix TW series ozone generator?


D-Matrix TW series ozone generator of AirTree is oxygen-fed, which comprises of assembled ozone generation tube modules and high frequency power supply electronic circuit units to drive each module. Total ozone production is the sum of the output of individual modules. The cooling system is water-cooled and the cooling water internally circulates in a close loop. The heat transfer is through a heat exchanger which can couple with a chiller or normal water for cooling. There are three models: TW-025, TW-050 and TW-100 that can be selected by customers. Higher ozone output capacity can be achieved by the combination of these three models.



No metallic contamination providing clean ozone


The ozone generation tubes of D-Matrix TW series ozone generator are double quartz tube-sealed design. Ozone is formed between the inner surfaces of two quartz tubes, therefore, eliminating all problems stemming from oxidation of metallic surfaces.



Extremely reliable and easy to maintain


Each ozone generation module consists of 16 ozone generation tubes driven by one high frequency power transformer. Each transformer is controlled by an independent electronic circuit. Therefore, maintenance and repair can be done to a single unit without shutting down the entire system and there is no need for a standby unit.



High efficiency and low power consumption


The conventional design of ozone generator uses a single big transformer to couple with thousands of generation tubes. Consequently, power is wasted becoming heat due to a no-resonance problem. Instead, the power unit of D-Matrix TW series is a high frequency module which has the great advantage or being adjustable to resonate with each generation tube forming high concentration of ozone effectively.



Control and interface


The ozone concentration is adjustable, ranging from 6% to 12% by weight depending on the oxygen flow rate, or by completely shutting down the number of modules in operation. The ozone output and the oxygen flow rate are controlled by the Human Machine Interface (HMI) with Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). D-Matrix TW series ozone generator gives great flexibility for ozone production, oxygen demand and interface with external control system.




Unique coating on double-quartz ozone generation tubes

LCD operation interface with keypad

Human Machine Interface (HMI)

Programmable Logical Controller (PLC)

Remote control capability

Ozone output control and display








Gas pressure display

Water temperature display

Cabinet temperature display

Alarm valve setting

Ozone concentration detector and display





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