Ozone Generator

              C-Lasky series


                   you cannot buy a bottle of ozone......

                                           but you can have a box of ozone


C-Lasky series is designed to provide high efficiency, low energy consumption, stable and clean ozone production and long-term operation with minimum maintenance.





Laboratory instrument

Water disinfection

Air disinfection

Medical application











Microprocessor controlled power supply

Double quartz reaction tubes

Ozone output adjustable

Gas flow rate adjustable

Internal air pump

Internal fan cooling

External gas inlet

Timer or digital display On/Off interfacing

Function key LED, output level LED and overheat LED

Aluminum case

CE certified



What is C-Lasky series ozone generator?

C-Lasky series is designed to provide high efficiency, low energy consumption and stable ozone production Ozone of C-Lasky series is generated between the surfaces of quartz tubes so that no metallic oxidation contamination can occur. This design not only improves the efficiency of ozone production but also reduces the maintenance of ozone generator. C-Lasky has 4 models which are C-Lasky-DS, C-Lasky-DSI, C-Lasky-DT and C-Lasky-DTI.


“D” stands for double quartz, “T” stands for timer controllers, “S” stands for digital display controller and “I” stands for industrial application. C-L010DT has an option for mounting on a trolley to increase the mobility of the unit: C-L010-M. C-L010DT and C-L010DS are capable of producing 2 g/h of ozone with dry air. With an external oxygen supply system at 6 l/min flow rate, ozone production is 10 g/h. C-Lasky “I” model can only operate with external oxygen supply system.





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