AIO series Ozone Generator

                                    Air-cooled, internal air fed, all-in-one ozone generator

A IO series is an air-cooled and internal air fed ozone generator. With the double-quartz ozone generation tube, the ozone is formed between the surfaces of quartz tube to be free from metallic oxidization problem. There are two models of AIO series: AIO-4 and AIO-10. With a built-in air pump, the ozone output is up to 10 g/h @ 25 l/min.



AIO series ozone generator




Laboratory instrument

Aquaculture and aquarium

Air treatment

Water disinfection

Food processing

Waste water treatment



High efficiency and stable ozone production

Double quartz reaction tubes

Internal air pump

Low maintenance

Ozone output adjustable

Ozone production / Error indicators






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