We were, originally, members of an ozone research group in Taiwan. This group was founded in 1994. Members consisted of university professors, graduate students and researchers. In October, 1999, financed by T. T. Lee, President of King Car Food CO., Ltd., "AirTree Ozone Technology Co., Ltd." was established. The company is named "AirTree" which means ozone just likes trees in the air to protect people from UV radiation. AirTree is research and development orientated. Its aim is to reduce the cost of ozone production and increase the reliability of ozone usage, so as to make ozone applications more economically feasible.



Since the company was established, we invented a new coating material that allows the ozone generation tubes to operate continuously at ultra high electricity cycle duty and to provide high efficiency and stable ozone production with low energy consumption. For the application of dissolving ozone into water, we invented a mixing system that can achieve up to 90% efficiency without the necessity of a reaction tank.



On October 25, 2000, we were pleased to present our "C-Lasky series" (carry size, all-in-one model, ozone production: 2 g/h of air-fed and 10 g/h of oxygen-fed) and "G-Sapphire series: G-P20 model" (ozone production: 20 g/h). The C-Lasky was designed for portable heavy-duty applications. It is said that you cannot have a bottle of ozone, however, you can buy a box of ozone. It uses an internal fan to cool down the system. This model uses a 20-cm long double quartz generation tube. The ozone generation tube consumes 150 W for ozone production of 2 g/h using an internal air supply system at flow rate of 6 l/min and 10 g/h with external pure oxygen gas supply at flow rate of 6 l/min. The G-Sapphire P-20 model is air-cooled and uses internal oxygen concentrator as the gas supply system. It is a movable plug-and-play ready  and customer self-installation system. The ozone production is 20 g/h. This model uses a 60-cm long generation tube. The generation tube consumes 250 W for ozone production of 20 g/h using oxygen concentrator (flow rate: 6 l/min; oxygen concentration: 90% at 24℃).



On September 11-14, 2001, we were pleased to exhibit the "coaxial liquid-gas pressurized mixer (COLP)" at International Ozone Association 15th World Congress London. COLP is an on-line mixer with ozone dissolving efficiency greater than 87%. Dr. Huei Tarng Liou had the honor to present the fluid dynamic principle of the new invention "Flying flow tube" at the Congress. We applied this new technique into the new product "Cooling Tower Ozonator." It is an integrated ozonator composed of ozone generation, gas supply, cooling and mixing systems into a compact unit. Each unit is capable to treat a 100-tons cooling tower.



On October 30, 2001, we were pleased to present the "O-Shark model" which was designed for the outdoor environmental applications. This model installs a 60-cm long double quartz ozone generation tube to be free from the metallic oxidation problems.



On November 2, 2001, were were pleased to present the "M-Twins series" which is an air-cooled, modules-stacked ozone generator and the ozone production was from 50 to 250 g/h. Double quartz ozone generation tubes design provides high efficiency and stable ozone production for the need of clean, less maintenance and long-term operation without decay. Each module is an individual. The ozone production of each module was 50 g/h and with adjustable ozone concentration and gas flow rate. The total ozone production is the sum of the modules.



On September 27, 2002, the ozone production of each module of M-Twins  had been increased to 80 g/h.



On October 10, 2002, we were pleased to present the "G-Sapphire P200 ~ P600" which are water -cooled and the ozone production are from 200 to 600 g/h. In addition to the double quartz tubes design, the tube does not need to use O-ring to seal, so that it becomes a maintenance free ozone generation tube.



On June 25, 2003, we were pleased to present the "G-Sapphire P-600 ~ P-2500" which are water-cooled and the ozone production are from 600 to 2500 g/h. The ozone generation tubes of this series also do not need to use O-ring to seal and maintenance free.



2005 is a bumper harvest year for AirTree.  On January 3, 2005, we were pleased to present our "A series, V series and Ozonated Water Ultra Clean System (OWUCS)." There are two models of A series, A-20 and A-40, which is air-cooled, air-fed and ozone production of 20 and 40 g/h @ ozone concentration 1.5% by weight. These ozone generators were specially designed for the less consumption applications such as cooling tower treatment and aquaculture. V series, V-80 ~ V-240, is air-cooled, oxygen-fed and ozone production of 80-240 g/h @ ozone concentration 8-10% by weight. These ozone generators were specially designed for the ozone applications that need high concentration, small size, interfacable and clean ozone generated by pure oxygen. OWUCS was specially designed for the semiconductor applications and  passed the SEMI S2-0703, SEMI S8-1103 and EN 60204-1: 1997 certificate. The applications of OWUCS include wafer clean, mask clean and photoresistor removing. We are gratified that our ozone generators: G-Sapphire P series, A series and V series, oxygen concentrator: MX series and air supply system: AX-60 pass the CE certificate. Later in this year, we were also pleased to present the "Ozonated Water System" which is a skid-mounted and plug-and-play ready system. This system is capable of providing ozonated water at desired dissolving ozone concentration with output capacity up to 15 cubic meter per hour.



AirTree Europe was established at Baunatal, Germany, on November 18, 2005. The Airtree Europe is the subsidiary company of AirTree to expand the European market and provide more immediate services to our customers.



In the beginning of 2006, we were pleased to present our "D-Matrix TW series." It is an oxygen-fed ozone generator, which composed of assembled ozone generation tube modules and high frequency power supply electronic circuit units to drive each module. Total ozone production is the sum of the output of individual modules. There are three models: TW-025 (ozone production: 1.0 kg/hr ~ 2.5 kg/h @ 12% ~ 6% wt), TW-050 (ozone production: 4.0 kg/h ~ 7.5 kg/h @ 12% ~ 6% wt) and TW-100 (ozone production: 9.5 kg/h ~ 15.0 kg/h @ 12% ~ 6% wt). With the features as (1) no metallic oxidation and clean ozone production, (2) extremely reliable and easy to maintain, (3) high efficiency and low power consumption, this series can provide the various applications upon customers’ demands.



We have scheduled the introduction of more products into market in the near future.