V series Ozone Generator


Air-cooled ozone generator with ozone production from 52 to 264 g/h at 8-10% by weight.






Waste water treatment

Aquaculture and aquarium

Swimming pool and SPA

Ozonated water for disinfection

Drinking water disinfection

Semiconductor application



Unique coating on double-quartz ozone generation tubes

Low energy consumption

High efficiency and stable ozone production

HMI operation interface with keypad

Oxygen flow rate adjustable

Ozone output display

Ozone production adjustable

Remote control capability

Error signal display and alarm

CE certified


PC computer

RS-485 interface with software and RS485-RS232 converter

Ozone injection system

Ozone concentration analyzer

Ozone destructor

Back-stream leaking valve


V-120 ~ V-240



What is V series ozone generator?


V series ozone generator is an air-cooled, oxygen-fed ozone generator. Ozone is formed between the surfaces of quartz tubes so that no metallic oxidization contamination can occur. With our special design double quartz tubes, the ozone generator can be continuously operated for long periods at ultra-high electrical frequency, in order to provide high efficiency and stable ozone production with low energy consumption.

V series has 5 models: V-80, V-120, V-160, V-200 and V-240, with ozone production from 52 to 264 g/h at 8-10%  by weight, provides a large flexibility on ozone production and oxygen demand. The external feed gas can be either liquid oxygen or from an oxygen concentrator. AirTree PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) oxygen concentrator: MX series oxygen concentrator is the most convenient and efficient feed gas system for ozone generators.

A Human Machine Interface (HMI) with Programmable Logical Controller (PLC) controls ozone output and displays ozone production. Furthermore, when coupled with an ozone sensor (option), this ozone generator can provide many flexible features such as ozone concentration controller for interfacing with PC computer (option) in various applications.





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