About Ozone Generators



At the present, AirTree has C-Lasky, M-Twins and G-Sapphire models in the market. Both C-Lasky and M-Twins models are air-cooled. C-Lasky model gives ozone concentration range between 2% to 5%.  M-Twins is fix at 6% by weight. They are designed for portable heavy-duty application. G-Shappire model can be either water-cooled or oil-cooled. It is compact but with high output of ozone concentration up to 12% by weight.



C-Lasky Series: C-L010, C-L020, C-L030, C-L040 and C-L060





I would like to know more about your C-L010 ozone generator.  I need an ozone generator that can produce about 5 g/h at a concentration of 2-3%.  More is even better. Contact me by email as soon as possible.








The C-L010 ozone generator which you have requested is capable of producing 2 g/h by using air and 10 g/h by using oxygen. Please see the performance plot of ozone production (g/h) vs oxygen (l/min) in the technical information of C-Lasky of web-site.

Would you like us to direct you to our distributor?

By the way, could you please inform us whether you would like the model with the timer or the digital indicator?





Can you please describe the digital indicator. Is this an ORP meter, or some other means of displaying ozone output?






The C-Lasky has model with timer controller or with digital indicator controller. Both enable you to automatically turn on/off the ozone generator according to the setting. The digital indicator takes from a sensor and displays the reading. Customers determine and provide their sensor, which can be ozone sensor, ORP sensor or liquid level sensor…. as long as the output of sensor is 4 - 20 mA.



G-Sapphire Series


The G-Sapphire ozone generator P-20 model includes an medical grade internal oxygen concentrator. Respond to GRAS of USAD, the P-20 model is designed for medium-size domestic application. It is movable plug-in customer self-installation ozone production 20 g/h. The G-Sapphire P-20 consist of a microprocessor controlled power supply along with an ozone generation tube which can be continuously used in ultra high electricity duty cycle to provide high efficiency and stable ozone production with low energy consumption. This model uses 60 cm long reacting tube. The ozone generation consumes 250 W for ozone production of 20 g/h using oxygen concentrator output at 6 l/min 90% oxygen concentration 24.

Shown below is the performance of the 60 cm generation tube.



The photo show below is the interior of G-Sapphire P-20 model ozone production of 20 g/h with an internal oxygen concentrator of 6 l/min.









wpe2.jpg (79630 bytes)




G-Sapphire P-100 ~ P-500 are internal water-cooled, using oxygen concentrator or liquid oxygen as fed-gas, modules assembled ozone generators. The ozone production is the sum of modules. The ozone concentration is in the range of 6-12% by weight with adjustable ozone concentration and gas flow rate. Therefore, this ozone generator gives a large flexibility on ozone production and oxygen demand. The module contains a 120 cm long ozone generation tubes with double quartz surface design. The ozone is formed between two quartz surfaces to be free from metallic oxidization problems. G-Sapphire water-cooled series is designed to provide high efficiency, low energy consumption and stable ozone production for the need of clean, less maintenance and long-term operation application.



Structure: corona discharge between the surfaces of two quartz tubes.

Ozone production: 100-600 g/h

Ozone concentration: 6-12% by weight

Flow rate: each module 10-30 l/min using liquid oxygen

Cooling method: water-cooled at 20

Ozone concentration control: PFD and PLC.

Power supply: voltage 220-240 V, 50-60 Hz, single phase

Power consumption: 1,100 W for each module

Interface: digital indicator output 4-20 mA, remote on/off

Ozone output: 1/2” Swagelok