A series Ozone Generator

                                    Air-fed, air-cooled ozone generator

A series  is an air-cooled, air-fed ozone generator with an external air supply system. The unit is designed to withstand harsh outdoor condition at a location that is not suitable for oxygen. The double quartz ozone generation tubes of A series are 60 cm in length. Ozone is formed between the surfaces of double quartz tubes so that no metallic oxidization contamination can occur.

There are two models of A series: A-20 and A-40. Both ozone production and air flow rate are adjustable, so that the ozone generator has a large range for ozone concentration and ozone production. The outer case of A series is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. Through the controlling microprocessor, with pre-set delay, the unit can be interfaced to respond to an external signal, such as from a water circulating pump, to start duty-on/stand-by cycle. With above features, the A series ozone generator is ideal for applications at outdoor locations.



A series ozone generator



Cooling tower treatment

Aquaculture and aquarium

Air treatment



Microprocessor controlled power supply

Double quartz tubes with special coating on surfaces

Air flow rate adjustable

Ozone concentration and ozone production adjustable

Remote control capability

Waterproof case for outdoor environment

CE certified







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